From the moment you arrive, you and your companions will experience the best parts of life in an old-fashioned Plantation setting.  Gourmet meals on fine china, luxurious antique furnishings, veranda sunsets over the cypress banks of an oxbow lake, and plenty of yes ma’ams and yes sirs are merely a caveat to the wonders of hunting wildlife in the Mississippi Delta.

During your stay at Linden Plantation, you will enjoy the opulence and hospitality of the Old South.  Nestled between the banks of Lake Washington and Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge, Linden was the first home site settled in Washington County. It was chosen for its incredible views, abundance of wildlife, and rich Delta soil.  Since Native American times, this land has been known to resonate with the sounds of thousands of wintering waterfowl.

When you are not in the field, you will be free to savor the ambiance and charm of plantation life in the Mississippi Delta. Views of towering magnolias and endless land provide the perfect backdrop for front porch sitting and sweet tea sipping. During the warmer months, guests can enjoy added relaxation by cooling off in the pool at Linden.

When you decide to call it a day, there is nothing like laying your head to rest and falling asleep in one of our well-appointed shotgun style cabins. You can rest among antique furnishings with the sounds of rafting ducks and geese right outside your window.  At Linden, you can dream the night away with the legends of birds by the thousands filling your sleep with anticipation of the morning hunt to come.